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A person willing to commit a purchase at Spice4fun must be a at least 18 years old. Finishing your purchase, please confirm (in a checkbox) you are informed and aware of our Disclaimer and our Terms Of Use for Spice4fun. By marking your selection in a checkbox you express your agreement with the above mentioned chapters and obliged to follow them. Spice4fun will do everything in it’s power to prevent juveniles from making purchases of our goods. Notwithstanding, Spice4fun is not responsible for actions of those breaking Terms Of Use of our website.




To get verified:




1-We will need CLEAR a copy of the card back and front along with your photo ID, Even if you're using a visa gift card. (You can take a picture using your smart phone and attach them your e mail.


2-We also would like a valid phone number to call you.


3- Send the above info to:




We understand and respect that you want to be discreet. We assure you that your information will be kept at the highest level of security. Also keep in mind it’s all about your privacy and protection along with ours. If you disagree with our terms, then we so wish you the best always. But we have to do whatever it takes to protect our customers from being defrauded.




Now, you might question the new way of processing and ask “what if we use your personal information to steal credit cards info”, to answer this question bluntly, if we really wanted to steal your card info, we would let you plug in your card info when you checkout on our site. In fact, when you try to order now, it won’t let you put any payment method at all; the reason being that we need to confirm that you are the card holder and not using anyone’s personal information.


NOTE: you do not have to submit your information every time you order. We only need it sent to us onceUNLESS your payment method changes.


Any questions please do not hesitate to e mail us on the e mail listed above or call us at 407-633-8339


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