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Privacy protection is a critical part of our business relationship with our clients and Spice4fun makes every effort to provide it on a higher level. This statement clarifies what kind of information users provide to us and how we treat your personal data. By visiting Spice4fun site you agree with the terms of our Privacy Policy.


General statement

Personal information collected from Spice4fun users is stored on offline servers with access for only authorized persons who provide valid passwords. Under the Data Protection Act a user may ask to see his/her personal information stored by Spice4fun on written request.

Personal data like name, credit card information and address are required only when a customer places an order with Spice4fun. The information provided by users should be correct, accurate and complete. Be sure to check this when handing in such data. The order will be rejected in case the information provided is found false or fake.

For those cases when Spice4fun needs to contact a customer we will do it via email or phone number specified in the order. Please note, Spice4fun does not contact its consumers in any way except for the purposes and by reasons of issues and questions pertaining to your order.

Users who wish to receive email notifications about the latest products and updates should check a corresponding box in the end of the order form.

Sharing Information

Spice4fun will never share, lend or sell your personal information to third parties. Your personal information will never be entered into a mailing list, except if you subscribe for news updates from Spice4fun. Communication in this case will be by email only and your email address will never be passed on to any third party.

Data collected

  • Credit card information provided by users is encrypted and protected via a secure SSL connection. You may see the lock icon shown at the corner of an address bar in your Opera, Mozilla or Chrome browsers. The same appear at the bottom of your Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers. The company does not bear any liability for security breach not related to negligence or deliberate misuse on the part of or our affiliates.
  • IP address records are made by our website to track the traffic of visitors. While this is a standard procedure for all websites we do not share your IP information with third parties.
  • Cookies are transferred from the company website to your PC when you are on our site and remain on your computer only for the duration of your presence. Cookies allow our company to trace some user activities like collected items and visited pages. The company never obtains any personal information via cookies and never shares them with third parties.

Data treatment and changes

Data provided by Spice4fun consumers is never shared, exchanged or exposed to any third parties. Customer’s personal information is never entered into a mailing list except a user chooses to receive updates from our company. In this case communication between Spice4fun and a user comes only through email messaging and your email address is never revealed to others.

Any changes to Spice4fun Privacy Policy that may affect customers of the company are reported to the users before they come to effect.


We are not responsible for the security of your data in case if you follow a link on Spice4fun website to other websites as long as their Privacy Policies may differ from ours. Therefore, we recommend you to make sure to carefully read the Privacy Policy of a website you visit by the link you see on

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